Mozambique fishing safaris


Our camp Casa Parisio (Portuguese for House of paradise) is situated inside the Pomene reserve in the Masinga province of Mozambique. It consists of 5 island style cabins each with their own bathroom, big living cabin with kitchen and dining area, barbeque pit and sun deck. A generator supplies the camp with electricity and a log fire water heater with hot water. The camp is right on the beach around 200 yards from the surf breakers.





The warm Mozambique current offers some of the best game fishing areas in the world. Fishermen can look forward to bagging marlin(black, blue and stripped), sailfish, barracuda, Coeta,  Wahoo, Bonita, tuna to name but a few of the game fish available in these waters. Experienced skipper Nolte Roets with his boat “Sea Angel” will provide fishermen with his knowledge of the areas different reefs and the right tackle to bag that ‘big one’. Our fishing season starts 1st November and ends 31st January.


Pomene was voted one of the top 10 diving sites in the world. Bring your own or we will provide you with gear to explore this beautiful underwater paradise.


Explore the beautiful mangroves Pomene has to offer on an inflatable kayak provided by us.